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When it comes to web hosting, the forecast calls for cloudy skies. It seems abundantly clear that cloud services are the hosting option of the future and two companies have just joined forces to deliver cloud-based web-hosting to the world’s most populated continent.

This week SDL, a UK-based translation and software company, formed a strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud. The partnership comes as an effort to deliver quality cloud hosting services to Asia-based companies that are struggling with the many hurdles that come with launching their own brands and websites.

What The Partnership Means For Customers

Essentially, now that the two companies are aligned in their goals to help businesses across Asia, companies can utilize the full line of SDL offerings, including DL’s web content management, SDL Tridion DX, and machine translation solutions. These tools can then be hosted on Alibaba Cloud and leveraged to provide digital marketplaces, experiences and more I a multitude of languages for customers across the continent.

When asked about he partnership, SDL Chief Revenue officer Thomas Labarthe had this to say: “As a burgeoning economy, many companies are now looking to break into Asia and China to deliver growth. They’re exciting, fast moving markets, but they also hold their own language, and compliance challenges.” He would go on to add, “This partnership solves these problems for companies, making it almost effortless to build a local presence and engage with customers across different languages and devices”

The partnership not only benefits asia-based customers and businesses offering services throughout he continent,  but the partnership further promotes international trade and combines cutting edge technologies that actively work towards the advancement of commerce in economies across national borders.

Alibaba Cloud’s EMEA General Manager offered his own words in celebration of the partnership, stating, “In the age of Digital Transformation, a reliable, secure and fast web presence is one of the most important assets to businesses and organizations of all sizes.Our partnership with SDL enables companies to deliver effective and engaging communications to their customers in China and internationally, through a managed cloud-based solution.”

About SDL

SDL is a translation and content management company that is dedicated to helping companies deliver relevant, localized content that help build their brands and customer experiences. Currently, 85 of the world’s top 100 companies utilize the services SDL provides in content creation, translation, and delivery.

About Alibaba Cloud

Offering an integrated suite of cloud products, Alibaba Cloud is considered China’s biggest public provider of cloud services and ranks as the third largest globally.




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