About Us

More and more people are creating websites and online storefronts for products and services every day. With that in mind, it can be difficult deciding which web hosting provider offers the best service for the best price. At Hostacious, we know how you feel, because we’ve been there before. We started this site in an effort to help connect website owners and publishers with the best web hosting services. It’s our mission to offer comprehensive reviews and comparisons between what we consider to be the top web hosting providers.

Whether your needs are big or small, we include relevant information that can be applied across the board for your project. We detail an array of criteria we know to be the most essential, because we invest a significant amount of resources ourselves in maintaining large domains, e-commerce storefronts, and personal websites.

About Our Web Hosting Reviews

Our reviews are in depth, but not overloaded with technical jargon. We know many of those customers looking for proper web hosting services are technically savvy, but far more are not. We break down the reviews with easy to understand terms and concepts while presenting the information in a clean and intuitive way. There is no guess work involved. We put all the necessary information in front of you so an informed decision can be made. Want to know more about a particular provider? If the information isn’t presented in the review, contact support and we’ll track down the answer as soon as we are able.

About Our Web Hosting Experts

Our staff consists of technical writers, web developers, and web hosting experts. With combined experience numbering in the decades, we are confident we can answer any question you can throw at us regarding web hosting. Not only this, but we stand by our reviews as the ultimate source of information on web hosting and providers of web hosting services.

We complete a painstaking assessment of every web hosting service we feel is comprehensive enough to be considered a top provider. We then go further in examining the extent to which they differentiate their services from competitors’. This is all in an effort to save you time and frustration in your search for the best web hosting provider for your website.